Tidiness & Litter Control

Tidiness and Litter Control
Slachtmhaireacht agus Rialú Bruscair

In this Category The Tidy Towns Adjudicator can award 90 Marks

Adjudication Criteria:

Tidiness: General lack of clutter, blocked footpaths, redundant poles, unsightly overhead electric cables, absence of graffiti and fly-posting, and evidence of control of weed growth at kerbs. Absence of unsightly and / or inappropriate advertising, such as that on gables of buildings and mass produced advertising banners in shop fronts. Please note that although general tidiness is evaluated and marked in this category, tidiness is also considered under other categories including the Built Environment & Streetscape, Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes.

Litter: The adjudicator will assess the absence of litter and dumping, evidence of litter control strategy, including regular litter patrols, segregation of collected litter during clean-ups and promotion of anti-litter awareness throughout community.


General Tidiness

Tidiness, cleanliness, ordliness, uniformity / consistency of design, clearly organized and systematic approach to the appearance of the town.

The general “tidiness” of a town or residential estate is critical to the appearance of an area, outside of litter; there are other issues which contribute to an overall sense of place. We refer to general lack of clutter, signage, overhead wiring, graffiti, poles, weeds, and traffic management.

Items which are located on the footpaths – bollards, railings, poles must be maintained and painted and kept in a clean and safe condition.

Residential areas can also have clutter and tidiness issues, poorly painted railings, walls, estate name signage poorly maintained weeds on kerbs, untidy presentation of gardens etc. which can be easily addressed by an active residents association.

Check our page on Tidiness  for more information:

Litter Control:

You are the Solution to Litter Pollution

The Definition of litter according to http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/1997/en/act/pub/0012/index.html Litter Pollution Act, 1997 “litter” means a substance or object, whether or not intended as waste (other than waste within the meaning of the Waste Management Act, 1996, which is properly consigned for disposal) that, when deposited in a place other than a litter receptacle or other place lawfully designated for the deposit, is or is likely to become unsightly, deleterious, nauseous or unsanitary, whether by itself or with any other such substance or object, and regardless of its size or volume or the extent of the deposit;

Litter can and does detract from the appearance of a town or residential estate and is entirely preventable. In addition the cost of collecting litter from our streets, rural roads and residential estates is quite significant – the money spent could and should be used on projects to enhance our streetscape and the physical appearance of a town or area.

Check our page on Litter Control  for more information:


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