Building Energy Rating – BER

Building Energy Rating

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is quite simply an indication of the energy performance of a home or building, the certificate is somewhat similar in appearance to the energy rating label we have become familiar with when purchasing a new fridge. The BER is accompanied by an Advisory Report which will identify how or what you might need to address to improve the energy performance of your home, and the assessment includes areas such as water heating, space heating, ventilation, lighting etc., it is calculated according to a formula based on “standard occupancy”.
BER assessments are carried out by formally trained BER Assessors, and are registered with SEAI.

BER Grading – “A” rated buildings are the most energy efficient (and will tend to have the lowest energy bills), and the scale drops to “G” rated buildings which are the least energy efficient (and conversely will tend to have significantly higher energy bills).

A1 ≤ 25 kWh/m²/Year MOST EFFICIENT
A2 > 25 kWh/m²/Year
A3 > 50 kWh/m²/Year

B1 > 75 kWh/m²/Year
B2 > 100 kWh/m²/Year
B3 > 125 kWh/m²/Year

C1 > 150 kWh/m²/Year
C2 > 175 kWh/m²/Year
C3 > 200 kWh/m²/Year

D1 > 225 kWh/m²/Year
D2 > 260 kWh/m²/Year

E1 > 300 kWh/m²/Year
E2 > 340 kWh/m²/Year

F > 380 kWh/m²/Year
G > 450 kWh/m²/Year LEAST EFFICIENT

Why would you need a BER?

  • In the first instance to determine what your home’s energy rating is;
  • A home owner must be provided with a BER on a new home before it is occupied;
  • A BER must be provided if a home is offered for sale or rent;
  • If you are buying or renting a house you are entitled to receive a BER for the premises;
  • Any commercial advertisements relating to the sale or rent of a home must include its BER details;

For further information check the Who needs a BER Link

The Assessment:
BER assessments can only be carried out by qualified registered BER Assessors, who will visit the home to carry out the assessment. They will need access to all parts of the house including the attic and assess each room, the construction method, heating systems etc. It can be useful to have some basic documents available to the assessor – such as:

  • The date built, and construction information (brick, timber-frame etc.);
  • Plans / drawings / specifications of original building (if you have such documents);
  • Your dwelling’s MPRN which is available from your electricity bill;
  • Any enhancements carried out on insulation, new windows, etc.;
  • Any details you may have regarding boilers, heating systems etc.;
  • A copy of any previous BER carried out;

Once the BER Assessor has carried out their survey, the information is registered with the SEAI National Administration System, and the BER issued and explained

There are some limited exemptions examples such as: places of worship, national monuments, certain protected structures, temporary buildings etc.

Some Useful Links
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Website
Irish Green Building Council Website
Department of the Environment Website
Your Guide to Building Energy Rating

To see the text of the statutory instrument European Union (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations S.I. No.243 of 2012


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