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Residential Areas

Newbridge is an extremely busy town; there are in excess of 100 individual residential estates in the town, ranging from terraced housing of 10 to 15 units to residential estates with in excess of 400 houses. In the main Residents Associations are very proactive in the town and take great pride in maintaining their area to a very high standard, as will be expected in a town of our size of there are some exceptions.

The role of Residents’ Associations in the appearance of the town is critical; they are responsible for the management of their residential area, and addressing issues which arise in the presentation of areas immediately outside the estate boundaries.

Best Kept Residential Area Competition

As part of the general Tidy Towns initiative, Newbridge Tidy Towns Association invites entries from Residents Associations / Residential Areas to enter a Best Kept Residential Estate / Area Competition during the Summer. Entry is free to all residential areas in Newbridge.

The Competition is advertised in the Local Press in June.

The entry procedure is simple, as the Residents Association simply emails the following information to the Tidy Towns Association:

Name of Residents Association;
Contact Name (Secretary / Chairperson);
Contact email / phone for Residents Association;
Number of Houses in Residential Estate;
Brief outline of activities carried out by the Residents Association (200 words max);

Closing date for 2016 entries is Sunday 19th June 2016.

This year’s competition will be adjudicated between Sunday 26th June and Sunday 10th July 2016.

Entrance to Residential Area – First impressions
Estate name signs / stones / plaques / sign posts, etc. (bilingual)?
Walls / Hedging / Fencing?
Trees / Shrubs / Flowerbeds?
Approach roads outside estate maintained?

Public Areas / Green Areas / Open Spaces:
Grass maintenance?
Flower display?
Shrubs / Trees maintained?
General maintenance?
Roadside verges maintained?

Tidiness & Litter Control:
Absence of litter / dumping?
Lack of clutter / redundant signage?
Absence of graffiti / flyposting?
Unattractive / rusty signage?

Streetscape / Roads / Footpaths / Hard Landscaping:
Weeds along paths?
Debris / dirt along paths (needs sweeping)?
General condition of roads / paths?
Edging of grass verges?
Inclusive access and pedestrian connections?
Connecting Laneways / “Shortcuts”?

Residential / Built Environment / Walls / Hedges:
Maintenance of properties generally?
House frontage / fencing / gable end walls?
Garden hedges / presentation of gardens?
“Public” estate walls maintained?

Overall Impression:
Appearance of the estate to the visitor?
Is there a “cared for” feel in the estate?
Is there obvious effort discernible?
Pride of Place evident?

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