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Population Statistics

Newbridge and its surrounding urban area within the legal town boundaries is one of the fastest growing areas within the county between 2006 and 2011, according to the 2011 Census the current population stands at 21,561 – a 16.3% increase on the town’s population of 18,520 in 2006.

Population Stats

Population Data Census 2006 Census 2011 Census 2011
Census 2011
Droichead Nua / Newbridge Urban 7,888 7,5633,7413,822
Morristownbiller9,154 9,5644,6584,906
Population within Legally Defined Boundary 17,042 17,1278,3998,728
Environs of Droichead Nua 1,4784,4342,1672,267
Population Droichead Nua Total 18,52021,56110,56610,995
PercentagesChange Since Previous Census+16.3% 49% of Population51% of Population
Droichead Nua Area 16 Sq. Kms.
Population County Kildare210,312104,658105,654
Newbridge Population as % of County Population10.3% 10.1%10.4%
Statistics Sourced from the http://www.cso.ie/en/index.html Central Statistics Office Website
General Population Statistics for the Town

Local Authority – Historic Information

(Newbridge) Droichead Nua Town Commission was originally founded on February 13th 1865 under the Town Improvement Act 1854, the Commission became a Town Council on the January 1st 2002 under the Local Government Act 2001, and was finally abolished on June 1st 2014 under the Local Government Reform Act 2014 having served the area of Newbridge / Droichead Nua for a period of 149 years and 108 days.

Prior to the appointment of the Town Commission, traditionally Landlords and their representatives had been responsible for local government in Ireland. The Town Improvement Act 1854 gave powers to town management and allowed elected town commissioners to provide basic local services.

The first Town Commission was a mix of landlords and local businessmen – Eyre Powell (Chairman) (Landlord), Thomas J. Dowling (Postmaster & Grocer), Robert J. Goff (Auctioneer), Michael Mergan (Shopkeeper), Thomas W. Meade (Draper), James Hyland (Grocer & Hardware), Michael Flood (Draper), Patrick Keogh (Grocer), and Matthew Irwin (Hardware & Building Contractor).

The last Town Council comprised of Cllr. Mick Deely (Mayor – Independent), Cllr. Murty Aspell (Independent), Cllr. Pat Black (Fianna Fáil), Cllr. Willie Hamilton (The Labour Party), Cllr. Paddy Kennedy (Independent), Cllr. Emma Kiernan (Fine Gael), Cllr. Damian Molyneaux (The Labour Party), Cllr. Michéal “Spike” Nolan (Fine Gael), Cllr. Fiona O’ Loughlin (Fianna Fáil). The last Town Manager was Mr. John Laharte and the last Town Clerk was Ms. Anne Greene.

Local Authority – Kildare/Newbridge Municipal District Council

Following the abolition of the Town Councils in 2014, and the local elections of that year, Kildare County Council (which provided the majority of services to the former Town Council) became the Local Authority with responsibility for the town. The new Council works on an Electoral Area / Municipal Authority basis and Newbridge is in the Kildare/Newbridge electoral area – which comprises of the following townlands:-

Droichead Nua Urban / Morristownbiller / Droichead Nua Rural / Ballysax / Cloncurry / Dunmurry / Feighcullen / Kildare Town / Killinthomas / Kilmeage / Lackagh / Lullymore / Old Connell / Pollardstown / Quinsborough / Rathangan / Rathernan / Robertstown / Thomastown.

Seats on the County Council increased to forty (40) Councillors ( equates to 1 member for every 4,830 of the population in the county), and the Kildare/Newbridge Municipal District Council consists of nine (9) elected Councillors which will “provide for a balance between recognising existing town councils and electoral areas, and acknowledging the community identities in other parts of the county that have experienced significant development in recent years. The boundaries of the proposed local electoral areas have regard to the mixed urban and rural nature of the county” (Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee Report 2013).

The first members of the Kildare/Newbridge Municipal District Council elected following the new legalisation at their inaugural meeting on June 11th 2014 were:

Cllr. Willie Crowley (Non-Party), Cllr. Suzanne Doyle (Fianna Fáil), Cllr. Paddy Kennedy (Non-Party), Cllr. Mark Lynch (Sinn Féin), Cllr. Fiona McLoughlin Healy (Fine Gael), Cllr. Fiona O’Loughlin (Fianna Fáil), Cllr. Joanne Pender (Non-Party) , Cllr. Sean Power (Fianna Fáil), Cllr. Mark Stafford (Fine Gael).

Kildare County Council’s Website
Central Statistics Office Website


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