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County Development Plans

A County Development Plan is a written document which details the overall strategy of the Local Authority for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County. The plan will have details of the aims of the Council with regard to issues such as infrastructure, housing, community facilities, social, economic and environmental issues. It must by its nature be futuristic – and anticipate future needs on an objective basis, drawing on information sources available such as the Central Statistics Office etc. The plan will be accompanied by maps outlining proposals regarding land-use, planning, biodiversity etc.

Development Plans – Local Authority

Development Pans are an essential blueprint for the future planning and development of a local area. The Development Plans are written statements setting out the planning policies that the local authority have adopted for the period covered by the plan. Along with a detailed written statement, Development Plans will also include detailed maps, Local Authorities objectives, planned infrastructural improvements, such as roads, public amenities, and many other aspects of local planning.

Local Authority Development Plans, must also take account of the National Spatial Strategy which is a national planning framework for Ireland from 2002-2020, which envisages balanced regional development.

These plans whether for the County in its entirety or for a local area such as Newbridge are extremely important, and are published in draft form prior to their adoption by the local Authority. It’s very important therefore that citizens take the opportunity to participate in this consultation process and make submissions to the development plan for their area when they have the opportunity to do so.

Newbridge Tidy Towns Association has made submissions to Local Area Plans for Newbridge for the last number of plans, and made submissions to Council Deliberations on the Local Area Plan (LAP) for Newbridge adopted December 2013. However it should be noted that the LAP can be amended during the lifetime of the plan – by means of Material Amendments.

Click in this link for the Newbridge LAP 2013-2019 .
The Local Area Plan also includes documentation on Strategic Environmental Assessment, a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, and a Screening For Appropriate Assessment  report.

Development Plans – Tidy Towns Multi-Annual Plan

The cornerstone of the Tidy Towns programme is the preparation of a multi-annual plans by Groups outlining their actions and intentions for the forthcoming number of years. The duration of the plan can vary but is normally a three-year or five-year plan depending on the size of the area and the complexity of the work involved. Newbridge’s plan represents a shared vision of what the Tidy Towns programme can achieve for the town – taking into account financial and practical restraints.

While the entry form to the National Tidy Towns competition requires a basic plan outline / structure (relatively simple and easily read) – and work planned needs to be mapped where possible, a more detailed plan (or series of plans) is prepared when projects are being considered. Much of the structural development of Newbridge depends not only on the Local Area Plan, but on the resources available to the Council and Councillors.

The key principles behind the Tidy Towns the Multi-Annual plan are:

  • Short & concise, it need be no longer than 5 pages long;
  • Direct, it should outline how, why and when you are going to undertake jobs;
  • Realistic, all projects should be capable of being implemented – albeit often over a long timeframe;
  • Ownership, the plan should be the Tidy Towns Group work programme, and will reflect the objectives and capabilities of the Tidy Towns Group;

We conduct research and commission reports and opinions from experts and the outcomes of this research and expert opinion forms the basis of our planning. (For an example of these reports see Newbridge Health Check Page)

Area Action Plans

An Area Action Plan document provides specific planning policy / guidance for an area where significant regeneration or investment needs to be managed, co-ordinating the efforts of the local authority, businesses, residents, developers and cultural / community groups to enhance the quality of life for everyone in a specific locality.

Part 8 Planning Applications
Most developments being considered by a local authority itself are subject to a public consultation process as set out in the Planning & Development Regulations. These planning applications are applications made by a local authority to the Elected Members of the local authority for these types of works. The procedure requires that notice of the proposed development be given in the public press and that a site notice be erected at the site of the proposed development – inviting submissions or observations. Following consideration of the submissions or observations a report is presented to the Elected Members for variation or modifications and final approval or rejection.


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