Natural Heritage Trail

Natural Heritage Trail
Liffey Linear Park

The Liffey Linear Park is located in the heart of the town, is the town’s main source of wildlife with many species regularly seen from the riverbank including Swans, Herons, Ducks, Otters etc. the river is also rich in trout and pike, and salmon.

The Local Area Plan 2013/2019 describes the River Liffey as “one of the town’s prime recreational and environmental assets. It acts as a green lung flowing through the centre of the town providing opportunities for active recreation along the linear parks and designated walking routes.”

Therefore Newbridge Tidy Towns created a Natural Heritage Trail through the Liffey Linear Park. The information board at the park entrance, and the lecterns which are positioned at a number of locations along the banks of the Liffey were manufactured to a high specification, and the design and printing of the information posters positioned in the lecterns is also of a very high quality.

Information Board

Location: Park Entrance
The display panel facing the Town / Library highlights some interesting historical information (with photographs / engravings) set on a background map of the surrounding area. It also shows a plan of the former Army Barracks which once occupied the area from the Liffey back to the Whitewater Shopping Centre.

The display panels facing the Liffey have a display board showing some of the fauna & flora in the park, and nearby localities, it also contains a “notice board” section, and a copy of the Park By-laws.

Bats & their Habitats

Location: Park Entrance
Listing and silhouette of some common bats found in Ireland – Pipistrelle, Lesser Horseshoe, Whiskered, Daubenton’s, Natterer’s, Long Eared & Leister’s. For more information on Irish Bats check out the Kildare Bat Group Website  or the Bat Conservation Ireland Website .

Wildlife and Fish

Location: Watering Gates
Illustrations of common animals found in the locality such as Otters – Madra Uisce, Foxes – Sionnach / Madra Rua, Badgers – Broc and many more.

This board also has illustrations of fish found in the Liffey – such as Trout / Breac, Pike / Gailliasc and Salmon / Bradán. For more information on fishing along this part of the Liffey check out the North Kildare Trout & Salmon Anglers Association

Birds on the River

Location: Bird Nesting / Wildlife Area
Photographs / illustrations of some of the birdlife found on the banks of the Liffey – such as the Grey Heron / Corr éisc, Swan / Eala, Mallard, and other species.

Flora on the Riverbank

Location: Wildflower Area
Wildflowers common along the riverbank, and in the wildflower area (in the “Strand”) – such as Bluebells / Coinnle Corra, Knapweed / Mínscoth, Bindweed / Ialus / Ainleog, Thistle / Feochadán, Yarrow / Athair Thalún, Daisy’s / Nóinín, Dandelion / Caisearbhán, Honeysuckle / Táthfhéithleann, Red Clover / Seamair dhearg, and other species. For more information on Irish Wildflowers check out the Design by Nature Website  or the Wildflowers of Ireland Website.


Location: Wildflower Area
Butterflies are attracted to wildflowers along the riverbank illustration are provided for some species such as – Common Blue / Gormán Coiteann, Holly Blue / Gormán Cuilinn , Speckled Wood / Breacfhéileacán Coille , Painted Lady / Áilleán, Red Admiral / Aimiréal Dearg, Tortoiseshell / Ruán Beag, Small Heath / Fraochán Beag, among others. For more information on Irish Butterflies check out the Irish Butterflies Website .

Trees on the River

Location: The Strand – Gables Walkway
Illustrations of some tree species found in the Liffey Linear Park such as Silver Birch / Beith Gheal, Alder / Fearnóg, Willow / Saileach, Rowan / Caorthann, Scots Pine / Péine Albanach among others. For more information on Irish trees check out the Tree Council of Ireland Website.

The main Sponsors of the project are:
The Heritage Council
North Kildare Trout & Salmon Anglers Association
Rotary Club of Newbridge
Kildare County Council
Droichead Nua Town Council
Curragh Carpets


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