County Kildare Heritage Plan

Heritage can be considered to be our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture. Heritage is both the tangible and intangible. It is how we identify ourselves and define a sense of place. Heritage includes natural heritage such as flora, fauna geology, wildlife areas, landscape waterways and biological diversity. It includes built or man – made heritage such as demesne houses, vernacular architecture, monuments, archaeology, heritage gardens and parks and cultural heritage can include local history, folklore, traditions, museums, archives, place names and genealogy. #1

The first County Heritage Plan was published in 2004, and has been updated since – usually for a five year period. The plan details how heritage in the county shall be managed and protected on a partnership basis and outlines a series of actions to be taken to conserve and enhance Kildare’s Heritage, the actions compiled following consultation and input from organisations and individuals who have an interest in the heritage of County Kildare.

The writing of a heritage plan is overseen by the County Kildare Heritage Forum, which is made up of organisations or individual within the county who work in the area of heritage or have an interest in heritage. The Heritage Plan provides an opportunity to identify heritage issues and heritage needs at a local level and to address them locally within a national framework, at all times promoting best practice in heritage conservation and management.

Here are some of the projects carried out to date (Countywide) in previous Heritage Plans:

  • Biodiversity seminars and workshops;
  • Conserving our Built Heritage / Seminar for owners of Protected Structures;
  • County Biodiversity Plan;
  • Graveyard Conservation Plans (one for Great Connell Priory);
  • Graveyard Maintenance Training.;
  • Graveyard Recording Surveys;
  • Habitat Mapping;
  • Heritage Books / Calenders;
  • Hedgerows Maintanance Surveys;
  • Heritage seminars;
  • Industrial Heritage Surveys;
  • Newbridge Heritage Trail;
  • National Heritage Week Events;
  • Reusing Farm Buildings;
  • Tree Surveys;
  • Thatched Cottages Surveys / Publications;
  • Wetlands Surveys;
  • Biodiversity in development Guide

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Kildare County Council
The Heritage Council Website
Geological Survey of Ireland Website
Newbridge Local History Group Website
County Kildare Archaeological Society
Department of the Environment Website
Kildare History & Family Research Centre


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